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BASEMINER is a DeFi investment dApp platform built on the BASE Network that strives to promote sustainability while also generating a daily return on investment for its investors, with a focus on achieving long-term success.

Choosing BASEMINER means choosing security, profitability, and innovation. With daily rewards

Is the Smart Contract Safe?

BASEMiner pays a modest 3% daily. The contract has has undergone thorough testing before deployment, with a strong emphasis on investors safety.

Verified Contract

The BASEMiner contract is public, anyone can verify it's authenticity on Basescan.


BASEMINER is not just a platform, it's a financial revolution. It brings the power of earning WETH on the BASE NETWORK into the palms of your hands. The possibilities here are not bound by limits, mirroring the very nature of the crypto space - limitless, decentralized, and democratized.

In BASEMINER, we don't dictate your earning capacity; we only create an environment where you can trust in your ability to earn, grow, and succeed. It's not just an investment, it's a journey towards financial autonomy.

Choose BASEMINER, choose unlimited earning potential.

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